The Complete Therapeutic Teaching Course (Whole School) by Shahana Knight

The Complete Therapeutic Teaching Course (Whole School)

The Therapeutic Teaching Course is designed to help you and your whole staff team create an embedded approach to mental health and well-being. Empowering you to develop your understanding, responses and even environments to support the wellbeing needs of every student in school.

The Therapeutic Teaching course provides lifetime access to all staff.  After the initial 12 months of purchase additional staff will be charged at £120.00 per person.

What you will learn:

  • How childhood trauma and adverse experiences are affecting the students in their class and impacting wellbeing, behaviour, the ability to learn and make friendships 

  • To understand attachment disorders and how the early relationships children form in childhood impacts the relationships they are able to make in school and their ability to trust and connect to others 

  • To recognise when a child is working from their survival brain and therefore from fight flight freeze and how this causes children to run away, shut down, avoid their feelings and become angry

  • To recognise triggers children may have and learn that difficult behaviour is only ever a response to a difficult feeling

  • How to support and guide children through their emotions by using reflective, therapeutic language and responses that build trust and connection rather than disconnection 

  • The importance of developing emotional intelligence in students with a focus on teaching children how to flourish in society using connection, self-awareness, and empathy for others 

  • How to use specific simple activities and incentives within the school day to increase self-belief, self-regulation and emotional intelligence and enhance mental health and wellbeing 

  • How to begin to re-wire the brains of children who have suffered from trauma and who are suffering from the impacts through language, activities and the environment 

  • How to approach behaviour incidents and dis-regulation with connection rather than punishment, with an aim to teach children life skills around recognising and managing their feelings and behaviour 

  • How to re-imagine school environments and create an inspiring, calming empowering environment in which students can learn and flourish. With a clear focus on meeting the needs of children living in society today

What's included?

1. Childhood Trauma and the Brain Module

2. Attachment Disorder in the Context of the Classroom Module

3. Therapeutic Teaching Skills Module

4. Creating a Therapeutic Environment Module

5. Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Class Module

6. Connection vs. Disconnection When Approaching Behaviour Module