The Full Wellbeing Curriculum by Shahana Knight

The Full Wellbeing Curriculum

The wellbeing curriculum puts mental health and emotional wellbeing at the core of education. It is underpinned by the 4 key qualities we believe children need to learn about in order to flourish in life. 

1.     Their mental health 
2.     Self-belief 
3.     Positive mindset
4.     Emotional intelligence 

Each key quality is taught and explored through 10 Core Happiness Project lessons. These lessons are:

1.     Understanding feelings 
2.     Anger management (the brain)
3.     Self-concept
4.     Body image 
5.     Social media and technology
6.     Mindset 
7.     Success vs failure
8.     Stress buster 
9.     Mindfulness 
10.  Positive relationships

Purchasing the FULL wellbeing curriculum will give you access to:

  • The wellbeing curriculum guide 
  • Add an unlimited number of your school staff
  • Weekly wellbeing time-table examples x2 
  • 10 online core happiness project lessons 
  • A growing selection of additional activities to complement the core lessons
  • A growing selection of daily practices
  • A growing selection of wellbeing activities 
  • A growing selection of wellbeing homework 
  • Ongoing support from our team if required 
  • Online calming stories read by Shahana Knight 
  • A growing range of additional resources and links to use with the children
  • Seasonal additions such as Christmas and world book day related resources and videos
  • The impact assessment paperwork
  • Observation forms 
  • Self-assessment form

Upcoming Resources

Please note: All 10 of the core happiness project lessons and additional resources will be ready to view in this package very soon.

What's included?

A1. Setting up the Wellbeing Curriculum

A2. Lesson Plans for Lower Year Groups

B1. Anger Management Online Core Lesson (Happiness Project)

B2. Self-Concept Online Core Lesson (Happiness Project)

B3. Understanding Feelings Core Online Lesson (Happiness Project)

B4. Mindset Online Core Lesson (Happiness Project)

B5. Success vs Failure Online Core Lesson (Happiness Project)

B6a. SATs Stress Buster Online Core Lesson (Happiness Project)

B6. Stress Online Core Lesson (Happiness Project)

B7. Body Image Online Core Lesson (Happiness Project)

B8. Social Media and Technology Online Core Lesson (Happiness Project)

B9. Mindfulness Online Core Lesson (Happiness Project)

C1. Friendship Online Core Lesson (Happiness Project)

National Awareness Days/ Months

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