3. Therapeutic Teaching Skills Module by Shahana Knight

3. Therapeutic Teaching Skills Module

Learn about how to develop therapeutic teaching skills with the children in your school. Find out how to adapt your responses to behavioural incidents and emotional outbursts to focus on connection and care. The lessons in this module will begin to create a therapeutic ethos amongst your staff and help guide everyone working with the children toward an approach that puts mental health and well-being first. A very popular session which will change perceptions and offer a lot of ‘ah-ha’ moments. 

What you will learn

This course will teach you how to become more therapeutic in your approaches and support children through their difficult emotions and behaviour. You will learn:

  • What happens to a childs brain when they have been through childhood trauma or live with adversity and how that impacts their ability to flourish at school
  • Why a therapeutic approach works better than punishment
  • How to reframe rules to ensure connection rather than disconnection 
  • How to develop therapeutic responses to ensure you are helping the children feel connected and safe, even when they are being told off 
  • How to help children to actually learn from a difficult, emotional incident or feeling instead of shutting them down 
  • How to help children identify, understand and manage their emotions
  • How to help children to identify how their feelings can impact their behaviours
  • How to support the whole class through therapeutic teaching skills and develop an ethos focused on wellbeing

What's included?


Video Training
Therapeutic Teaching Introduction
2 mins
Let's start with the brain
20 mins
How can Therapeutic Teaching be impactful?
16 mins
Reflection Skills
17 mins
Reflection skills continued
25 mins
Let's practice with some examples
7 mins
You're All Done!!
End of course quiz
Module feedback form
Supporting Documents
Therapeutic Teaching Suppport Sheet.pdf
628 KB
Practice Scenarios.pdf
166 KB
Practice Worksheet.pdf
182 KB
Therapeutic Response Prompt Card.pdf
39.8 KB


This is my second one, it is engaging, informative and realistic, the length is suitable for home cpd, therefore manageable, a couple of well spent and worthwhile hours, thank you.
I really liked the fact it gave strategies for real life scenarios, eg hiding under the table, running around the school. I love the idea of the lanyard as a reminder.