4. Creating a Therapeutic Environment Module by Shahana Knight

4. Creating a Therapeutic Environment Module

Learn how to create a therapeutic environment throughout your school which puts wellbeing and mental health at its core. Find out how changing your classrooms, hallways and outdoor areas can increase feelings of safety and promote self-belief which in turn positively impact learning. Ensuring your school is meeting the needs of each child through its design.

What you will learn

  • How childhood trauma is creating a barrier to learning
  • Take a closer look at the experience of childhood today and how the arrival of social media and technology is impacting children’s development and ability to learn in the classroom
  • Explore how our classrooms enhance feelings of stress and anxiety and causing children’s learning brains to turn off
  • Delve into a whole new approach where we re-define what school environments should be, from classrooms to hallways. Learn exactly what you can change to become more therapeutic in your approaches and use the environment to help children self-soothe, regulate and build self-confidence

With lots of free supporting guides to help you get started, plus a bonus video which explores your outdoor areas and staffrooms, this is one you want to enrol on!

What's included?


Video Tutorials
Creating a therapeutic environment introduction
5 mins
Why do we need to look at our environments
31 mins
What do we know?
28 mins
Let's take a closer look at the classroom
18 mins
Getting started and making changes
26 mins
How do we cultivate learning through the design of the classroom
12 mins
You're All Done!!
End of course quiz
Module feedback form
Supporting Documents
A few more tips.mp4
16 mins
Therapeutic Environment Support Sheet.pdf
22 MB
Wellbeing Homework.pdf
137 KB
How to make play dough.pdf
2.28 MB
Affirmation prints for frames on your walls
95.8 KB