Free Course: Focusing On The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Your Pupils Throughout This Pandemic by Shahana Knight

Free Course: Focusing On The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Your Pupils Throughout This Pandemic

Things are really tough right now for schools, lots of staff feel disempowered and tired, children's behaviour is difficult to manage. Things feel inconsistent and chaotic because of the pandemic. Children are stressed, things have been difficult at home during lockdown, things are unpredictable and feel unsafe. This might be their first experience of a traumatic event or it may be one of many! There is so much that schools are dealing with and you cannot do it all alone! 

Mental health and wellbeing is more important now than ever. How can you help the children through this time? How can you understand the impact this might have on their wellbeing and mental health? On their behaviour? On their ability to achieve? and what can you do to help?

Let me help you!

I have released this module from my Therapeutic Teaching Course completely free as my way of trying to make a difference so please share it with as many people as you can! It might make things slightly easier for someone.
My hope is that this empowers and inspires you to: 
1. Understand the impact trauma and stress has on the children, their behaviour and their brain 
2. Get inspired to make a difference using different strategies and tools 
3. Share it with others so we can support all children going through this difficult time 

What you will learn

Learn about childhood trauma and how it impacts a developing brain. Find out what happens when children are stressed or overwhelmed. Why they have ‘meltdowns’ and what the impact is on their behaviour and internal processing at school. Most importantly, learn what can you do to help. Underpinned by therapeutic approaches and full of advice and free resources. This session is vital for anyone working with vulnerable children or young people in an educational setting.

What people are saying

"I really found this course very helpful. I could relate to different children that I have dealt with over the years.....Words I have used could have used and dealt with better. I have learnt a lot from this. Thank you" 
Teaching Assistant
"Very helpful  to confirm that our role should be to support the emotional needs of children as this has been somewhat lost in previous years, with too much focus and pressure on results..."
"It deepened my understanding of children's behaviour.  It gave me a better knowledge of the brain and its different parts. I now know more about trauma and triggers.  I found it helpful to be able to pause the video at times to reflect on what was being said.  I didn't feel rushed or under pressure because of this which was important because there was a lot of really interesting content to think about."
"A great free resource that has really got me thinking - especially about those children who are often in fight or flight mode. It's really made me think about my responses to children!"
I liked listening to the course content and being able to reread a section or pause the course if I was interrupted. I found the module on trauma and triggers very interesting and learning about the 3 parts of the brain and how they work. The section on therapeutic responses was interesting too as a natural reaction could be to tell a child off for their behaviour. It made me think how I speak to children and whilst I may not shout I could still hear myself saying some of the teacher/ TA responses. It was good to have the example of the child response/ teacher response and therapeutic response. 
Teaching Assistant
"It has research behind it, it is relevant and gives lots of methods and tips to support children's emotional well being and ours as adults too."
"Clear information delivered well by someone who had experienced childhood trauma."
"I really liked the way it explained how the brain works and how it is affected by trauma.  I liked the brain diagrams and examples explaining what could trigger a child."
I thoroughly enjoyed all of the course.  It has given me a lot to take away and reflect on in my role as a Teaching Assistant and to use a more therapeutic approach rather than dealing with the behaviour.  Very inspiring.  Will recommend the training to others.
Teaching Assistant
I really enjoyed the professional but personal teaching style, how each points were unpicked with real life scenarios given.  What was really useful was specific advice for alternative responses. It's great to also be provided with resources that can be used in the classroom.
Informal approach, so easy to follow, no use of unnecessary jargon. The information given is excellent, and really makes you stop and think, 
Very easy to understand, good ( sometimes real) examples brought the learning to life. New suggestions for books for children was appreciated. Made me think of my own life experiences. Thank you 
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What's included?


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Childhood Trauma and the brain - Part 1
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Childhood Trauma and the brain - Part 2
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Supporting video by the Public Health Network Cymru
Childhood Trauma and the brain - Part 3
34 mins
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