5. Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Class Module by Shahana Knight

5. Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Class Module

Learn about emotional intelligence and how focusing on developing EI in your children can predict better outcomes and life skills than academic achievements. This module links to the government guidelines on health, relationships and sex education and will inspire you to put wellbeing at the heart of your classroom. Find out how you can increase emotional intelligence in the children you work with and help them become more self-aware and empathetic by following the advice, resources, and support in this module. 

What's included?


Video Training
Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Class Introduction
2 mins
What is emotional intelligence?
11 mins
Brené Brown on Empathy
The impact of emotional intelligence
20 mins
How does this link to the brain?
9 mins
7 Signs of Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence Movie Clip
How can we create an emotionally intelligent class?
31 mins
How we can create an emotionally intelligent class (continued)
19 mins
You're All Done!!
End of Course Quiz
Module feedback form
Supporting Documents
Emotional Intelligence Support Guide PDF
Relaxing Piano Music
The Day The Sea Went Out and Never Came Back Book
Party Cloud Short Film
Free Lesson Plans
BUY The Boy, The Mole, the Horse and the Fox
The boy, the mole... Lesson Plan
BUY The Sad Book
The Sad Book Lesson Plan
Free Daily Practice Guides
Read This First
The Kind and Caring Jar
Check In Register Guide
Guided Meditation
The Friendly Bear