Black History Month Free Lesson: Rosa Parks by Shahana Knight

Black History Month Free Lesson: Rosa Parks

This lesson shines a light on Rosa Parks. A black woman who lived during a time of inequality and racism. She refused to give her seat up to a white woman on the bus and in doing so she helped start a revolution which helped make changes to some of the inequalities of that time! 
What will children learn?
  • Inequality 
  • Racism
  • Using your voice 
  • Being brave enough to speak out 

How to use the lesson: 
  1. Pre-watch the mini live lesson and plan ahead 
  2. Watch the mini live lesson with the children in class and follow the prompts
  3. Choose one of the follow up lessons to continue the children's learning and bring it to life. 

This free mini-lesson for Black History Month is part of my Wellbeing Curriculum and it is designed to empower your children to use their own unique voices, stand up for what they believe in, and also to shine a light on racism and inequality. My lessons focus on empowering the children, changing mindsets, raising emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and of course, supporting their wellbeing and mental health. 

What's included?

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Welcome and Hello from Shahana Knight!
What is Black History Month?
What is it?
The Mini Lesson
The Lesson: Rosa Parks
Part 1. Who is Rosa Parks?
1 min
The Rosa Parks story (dramatisation) | History - True Stories
Part 2: What must it have been like to live when Rosa did?
2 mins
Part 3: How might Rosa Parks have felt?
4 mins
Part 4: When might you need to use your voice?
2 mins
Part 5: Your voice matters too!
4 mins
Additional Lesson Plans
How to use these additional Lessons
Lesson plan 1: Dear Rosa
Lesson plan 2: Create an equality poster
Lesson plan 3: Use your voice!
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