3. Therapeutic Response Skills Module (Adoption/ Fostering) by Shahana Knight

3. Therapeutic Response Skills Module (Adoption/ Fostering)

Learn about how to develop therapeutic response skills with the children in your care. Find out how to adapt your responses to behavioural incidents and emotional outbursts to focus on connection and care. The lessons in this module will begin to embed a therapeutic approach and help guide everyone working with the children toward an approach that puts mental health and wellbeing first. A very popular session which will change perceptions and offer a lot of ‘ah-ha’ moments. 

What's included?


Video Training
Introduction to Therapeutic Response Skills
2 mins
Let's start with the brain
22 mins
How can we be more therapeutic
11 mins
Approaching behaviour
11 mins
Reflection Skills
19 mins
Let's Practice
11 mins
Understanding why
24 mins
You're All Done!!
End of course quiz
Module feedback form
Supporting Documents
Support Sheet
Lanyard Prompt Card
Practice Worksheet